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About My Lessons and Courses

Hi, I’m Andy

Although there is a lot of information available online today, do you still struggle to keep up? Do you believe that you have to be a techie to follow online courses?

Does this sound familiar? Here’s how I can help you

I take the approach that “less is more” when it comes to tutorials. I prefer to make a few quality courses, rather than loads filled with fluff.

All my step-by-step courses are easy to follow without using jargon. I prefer ‘layman’s terms‘ – clear, concise, written and spoken in plain English.

In the beginning

I have a background in graphic design and architectural illustration, which is probably where my creativity stems. I taught teachers how to prepare and trained staff in the hotel industry.

I am the founder of 2 organisations based in Asia and recently expanded with another back in the UK.

After residing in Asia for over 20 years, I plan to head back to where my heart belongs – Scotland!

These exciting new online lessons mean I can work anywhere, taking you one step closer to your goal! I get my freedom back! It’s a win-win for both of us.

I love to share my knowledge as I continue to learn new things around me. 

I don’t stand in front of Lamborghinis and bikini-clad girls, with the promise of being a millionaire! My goal is simple. I create courses on topics I like. I’m not a millionaire and can’t make you rich. But I can teach and help you learn.

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