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Hello There! I am Andy T. Laird

Your Entrepreneur Specialist for Online Learning

Step by Step Online Lessons for Beginners and Non-Techies

Think of this as your first step towards believing and reaching your goals. You have a dream, but you don’t know how to achieve it?

Your topic is so niche you can’t imagine anyone else in the world would be interested. You want to learn more, but don’t know how. You find online courses confusing and filled with jargon!

I’ll let you into a secret. You are not the only one! We all had to start somewhere! No matter how niche my interests are, I always find people out there looking for for the same thing. 

Guess what? I love sharing anything I have a passion for! Web development, photography, events, etc. 

I can get you started with easy to follow step by step lessons, e.g. how to get your own website. I’ll recommend the best tools and how to use them: iMovie, Keynote, Teachable, and much more. 

No magic formulas to get rich. No fake promises of being a millionaire! No request for thousands of dollars!

Sorry guys – I work hard and create lessons only. I help you to get you started in your own venture. I don’t buy or sell into get rich schemes.

What kind of advice, tips and tricks would you like? What online course would you want me to make? Get in touch with me directly, and I will try to help. This is what I love to do!


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Don’t use 3rd party platforms for your website!

Let’s start your website the right way.

Here’s what you’ll learn….

  • Set up and register a domain name with web host
  • Take complete ownership of your website. After all, it should belong to you!
  • Own a website that’s fast and unique, with better search engine optimisation