The Benefits of Owning a Website

Choosing a 3rd party website builder will sound appealing to someone who doesn’t want to pay a designer. Well, in this article, I will outline the common issues website owners run into when choosing a 3rd party application such as Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.

Website Builders Make Designing a Website Easy 

If a 3rd party platform makes things easy, how is that a negative thing? To make it easy for everyone, platforms must cut corners. This means that crucial aspects are left out, such as SEO optimisation, content structures and redirection buttons.

3rd party builders allow you to throw a website together and publish it. These will lack critical features that make a coded website more successful. You will want to implement elements  that will make your site appear in search engines. You will also want a reliable tracking system to monitor its performance. 

The One Fits All Approach

3rd party platforms make it easy to find an attractive design for your website. The problem is, they are missing elements that significantly reduce their chances of engagement. For example, Google cares about how your page titles are structured. Although the leading website builders support SEO settings, they overlook things the search algorithm won’t like. This will lead to minimal hits from search results. 

The templates offered by website builders look great, but means that other sites will look identical. Hiring a good website designer will ensure your site is unique.  

Website Builders Hide Complexities 

3rd party platforms will ignore trickier elements of a website, such as SEO, reviews and business listings. Without all these things, your web presence will be limited. 

You Cannot Migrate Data

If you get lucky with a 3rd party website, you may choose to expand. If your platform doesn’t have the features needed, you will have to begin again. This is because website builders do not allow you to export data to rebuild elsewhere. This is because of incompatible coding that is unique to the specific builder.

Starting fresh will mean you will need a new layout, theme and feel. Asking for a copy of a template will be challenging to recreate. 

Website Builders Are Free?

Free 3rd party options look unprofessional because they will have the platform’s branding over it. Although the 3rd party paid options are cheaper, you will lose potential earnings. 3rd party websites are infamous for being hard to find. A good website designer will implement elements that will make it visible and unique. This will encourage business and sales that will cover the expenses and more. 

Would you rather pay a smaller amount for no business, or a little more for lots?  


3rd party builders may deceive people into thinking their website will be a success. What they won’t tell you is that it lacks crucial elements and features.