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Photography is easier than you think.

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Photography Workshops
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Website Design and Development

A complete web solution provider offering affordable quality WordPress website design at an exceptional value. A well designed website doesn’t have to break the bank!

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Health and Fitness

Health is so much more complicated than just looking good in front of a mirror. Health is a holistic idea that encompasses our physical, mental, and emotional needs and is constantly in flux. 

By promoting health and fitness, I hope to inspire you to make the right changes in transforming your life.

health and fitness

Frequently asked questions

I gained the fundamental skills, in graphic and website design well over 20 years ago. This has provided me global and diverse opportunities, which allow me to work when, where and how I chose. I expanded the functionality of my websites through WordPress making the customization and designs much more approachable

While earning a bachelor’s or higher education degree would have been helpful I am simply sharing me experiences. Fitness played an important part of my photography! From obesity to being back in the gym, I soon discovered it’s never too late or difficult to get healthy.

I coach people and decided to share what I had discovered was the best and fastest ways to lose weight. I want to share with you how I did this and include mistakes I made along the way.

At first glance, it may be a little confusing as to what this website is about! I may seem to have a strange collection of unrelated topics, but they have had a great impact on my life and are things I have a real passion about! So I thought, why not share them!.

I teach post processing, and hands on photography workshops. I also like to share reviews on cameras and camera equipment such as lenses, bags etc.

The moment I first picked up a camera and held it in my hand, I knew what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. Photography has changed my way of life and made me appreciate what I once took for granted. What better rewards could I ever want

Being the founder of 2 corporate team building event companies we can deliver events almost anywhere Worldwide. However, we have event organizations based in the UK and Asia (Thailand and Singapore).

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