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A Brief Introduction!

Hi! I’m Andy T. Laird, a passionate entrepreneur and trainer with a diverse skill set that’s led me on an exciting online journey for the past two decades. I enjoy training because it allows me to share what I know and witness others grow.

My courses are all about learning step by step, focusing on clear language without any complicated terms. I explain everything in simple English to make sure you grasp the subjects completely. Each course builds on what you already know, taking you through a learning journey. The aim is to give you practical skills in a straightforward way. I also love traveling and photography, but that’s for another website!

My hotel training experience:

Hotel Logos

My Journey

Digital Consultant

Driven by a vision to make a difference in the online business world, I founded LairdPage Ltd. This venture is a culmination of my experiences and passion for creating valuable content, innovative websites, and successful affiliate marketing campaigns. LairdPage Ltd. is committed to empowering individuals and businesses to grow online.

Corporate Events

With over two decades of experience, I am also the founder of two successful team-building companies. Throughout the past 20 years, my entrepreneurial journey has been focused on fostering collaboration and synergy within teams. These ventures have not only allowed me to hone my leadership skills but have also given me insights into creating engaging and effective team-building events.

Hotel Hospitality

Trained over 2000 staff members at numerous 5-star hotels across Asia

Corporate Events

Founder of two successful corporate team building companies

Digital Consulating

WordPress Website Developer, Designer & Digital Consultanting


Delivered photography classes to beginners including post-processing

Graphic Design

Graduated in architectural illustration and graphic design

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