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Hotel Communication

Beginners Hospitality English Course

Struggling with language issues at hotels? I get it. Learn practical solutions to communicate better within your hotel. My beginner friendly lessons help you speak hospitality language and provide great guest service. Improve your career in hotel hospitality with straightforward guidance. Let’s make your path to success clearer.

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Course Materials and Requirements

To get the most out of our hotel hospitality English courses, you will need the following materials and resources. Having these items will ensure you can fully engage with the content and participate in all activities effectively:

Essential Requirements

Internet Connection: A stable and reliable internet connection is necessary to access online lessons, videos, quizzes, and other resources.
Computer or Tablet: A computer or tablet with updated software and a web browser is essential for accessing course content and participating in interactive activities.

Recommended Materials

Headphones or Earphones: To ensure clear audio during video lessons and to participate in any audio-based activities without distractions.
Notebook and Pen: For taking notes during lessons, and jotting down important phrases.
Printer: If you prefer having physical copies of downloadable resources such as infographics, and certificates.

Optional Enhancements

Smartphone: For accessing course content on the go, if your computer or tablet is not available. Many platforms are mobile-friendly.
Language Learning Apps: Complementary apps that can help reinforce vocabulary and grammar skills learned in the course.
Comfortable Workspace: A quiet, comfortable space dedicated to studying can enhance concentration and productivity.

With these materials and resources, you will be well-prepared to engage with the course content and achieve your learning goals in the hospitality industry.

Course Content

01. Welcome
02. Preparation
03. Basic Interaction With Guests
04. Guest Assistance and Communication Skills
05. Advanced Communication and Guest Relations
06. Giving Directions
07. Handling Guest Complaints
08. Services and Issue Resolution
18. Guests Leave The Hotel

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